Who is Librarian Ninja Girl anyway?

Hello everyone ! My name is Tomeka, you probably listened to me on John’s podcast Movie Lovers/ TV Lovers Unite or seen some of the articles I have written on here. I thought I would introduce myself! Not to be a narcissist or anything lol.

Currently, I am in my senior year for the Master’s program in Library Science. What is that? Think librarian and IT mixed with education or teaching. I also work in the technical services department of an academic library in Georgia and plan on becoming a librarian soon. Therefore my pen name Librarian Ninja Girl. Now the ninja part was for fun, but if you think about it, aren’t librarians ninjas anyway? In a sense? So that is my background info now back to the podcast and my experience.

I have known John for years since we were in the same comic book Facebook group. He has been one of my best friends over the years. So when he asked me to be on his podcast, I did not hesitate. It all started with a joke about a crush I have on Keanu Reeves and my love for his movies. Once John saw my post on Facebook, and we talked about it, he asked me to be on his show to make a top ten Keanu Reeves movie list.

I have never been on a podcast, nor am I this big deal or anything. I am just a girl with a witty sense of humor who loves movies, tv, painting, playing D&D occasionally, and helping her friends out any way I can. Also, John expressed he wanted a female perspective and presence on his show. So I jumped at the chance.

When I first appeared on the show, I was so nervous! How would I sound? Why are Keanu Reeves movies escaping my mind right now? What will I say? I can’t believe my audio is cutting out on this damn iPhone! But once I got comfortable, I enjoyed my time on the show. I never thought I would be back on or have a reoccurring role?

After a few times on the show, John asked if I wanted to write for his blog? I honestly thought this guy had lost it lol. I have not written for a blog or knew anything about writing articles besides papers for school. John showed me the ropes, and I quickly figured things out, some of which I taught him!

I love movies and going to the theater. Due to COVID-19, it has been tough, but thank goodness there is Netflix and other streaming platforms. If I see a show that interests me or read about it, I write it here on the blog or mention it to John as a potential idea for his next show. Aside from podcasting and blogging for Movie Lovers, I also get in contact with potential guests for the show and direct them to John and work on some of the social media event posters.

It has been a great experience. I am learning a lot from John and gaining new skill sets as well. I feel our friendship entered a business partnership in a sense? My main goal is to help build the brand and deliver entertaining content to the fans of the show and social media pages.

I don’t need the notoriety just here to help support my friend’s dream and also mine outside of Movie Lovers brand. If you can find a real friend like that treasure them always . Especially the ones who genuinely want to see your dreams come to pass and actively support it. So cheers to John and you the fan base for keeping this train going.

Sincerely, Librarian Ninja Girl

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