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What to Watch : Korean Drama/ Suspense Series “W”

Ok, so I have not always watched Korean drama television shows or movies like some of my friends. I have listened to some k pop bands, but the phenomenon never interests me too much. One day last week, one of my co-workers introduced me to this Korean television series called “W” on the Rakuten(Viki.Com) site. This streaming service houses a collection of free movies and television series from Asian countries. My co-worker’s description of this series was a girl who gets trapped into a comic book series written by her father becomes one of the main characters? She was not too far off from the description luckily lol.

“W” is about a popular webtoon series in Korea. The majority of the story takes place in the fictitious world of the webtoon and the real world. The series centers around its main character Kang Chul (Lee-Jong Suk), who is a young athlete competing in the 2004 Korean Olympic Games. After his victory in the Olympic games, he returns home to find that his entire family has been murdered! He is soon accursed if this murder and publicized as an athlete gone bad! Years later, out of prison, he vows to find his family’s killer and establishes a syndicated crime network television show called “W.”

How does the real world play into this web series? The writer of “W,” Oh Seong-Woo, is an alcoholic and struggling artist preparing to finish the series and be free from the toll it has taken on his career and life. As he puts the finishing touches of killing off the main character Kang, he is suddenly pulled into the fictitious world of “W” by Kang himself.

When Oh Seong- Woo is pulled into the scene; he decides to kill his character once and for all. After Kang is stabbed by Oh Seong-Woo, simultaneously his daughter Oh Yeon- Joo unsuspecting of what has happened visits her father Oh Seong- Woo’s writing studio. In a desperate attempt to save his life, Kang pulls Oh Yeon -Joo into the comic series. Frantic and afraid, Oh Yeon – Joo, a surgeon, begins to save Kang’s life. Once she manages to save him from dying, their two worlds start on a collision course of love and danger at every turn.

Whew! That was a complicated explanation, but the 2016 series created by Sang -Jae Jung is wonderfully written and relatable for any comic book writer who has become consumed with work. Some of the story plots are wacky and have that k drama romantic hallmark feel to it. The ironic thing is in the series, the audience grows sick of the sappy storylines and wants it geared toward suspense and action in which I can relate.

“W” is only available on Viki.com and includes English subtitles by the site staff and fans. I highly recommend this series! I wish it were an actual comic or graphic novel I could read, to be honest! Aside from the blur lines between the real-world and comic world, the webtoon itself has a great storyline.

Happy Watching!

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