Netflix has officially made a deal with the devil because it doesn’t seem like that the flames want to die out just yet. Originally the show premiered on fox and then later on canceled after three seasons which caused all kinds of hell on earth to the point that Netflix had to come in and swoop down like a fallen angel from heaven in June of 2018. The 10-episode fourth season proved to be even more popular on the streamer than it was during its run on Fox which made renewing it for a fifth season a no-brainer except with that news came the caveat that it would be the final run for the series.

Fans once again took to the internet by summoning the devil himself, although the powers that be said they intended on telling a five season story and they were happy to get 16 more episodes to do it.

Fast forward to earlier this month and suddenly Netflix is in talks with Warner Bros. Television for a potential sixth season and now comes news that, with this potential sixth season, Lucifer himself Tom Ellis, has finalized a deal a deal to return for season 6, if it should happen. Co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich & Joe Henderson also inked new deals for a sixth season with many, if not all, of the other acting talent having existing deals that should secure their season 6 participation.

I have to give the fans around of applause for being so vocal for loving the show as much as they have. I’m going to be honest I watched the first two seasons and loved it and I didn’t around to watching the other seasons just yet, but it makes me happy that this show is still staying alive.

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