The World According To Jeff Goldblum Gets Renewed By Disney+

Disney+ has just recently announced that their first National Geographic series, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JEFF GOLDBLUM, will be renewed for Season 2.

This is just my opinion on the show itself, but I love how curious Jeff is through out each episode and he even explores the origin into some of the topics like where did shoes first come from, cosmetics and makeup, and even Coffee. Every time that Disney+ updates me that there’s a new episode I’m glued into my TV, because Jeff is just that good and the way he gets excited over certain things that he discovers makes me that more excited. I can’t imagine a world without Jeff in it, because he’s one of my favorite actors and I can’t imagine him not hosting this show!

Here’s the lowdown on what TWATJG is all about: After premiering on November 12, Disney+ subscribers have followed host and executive producer Jeff Goldblum across the country as he unravels the fascinating truths behind familiar objects we all know and love. The first season explored a spectrum of topics from ice cream and sneakers to denim and RVs. In the 10-episode second season, Jeff will bring viewers on an entertaining and insightful ride around the world as he unearths a new batch of everyday objects.

The final episode of Season 1 of Mr. Goldblum’s show airs on Friday, January 24th.

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