Stephen Lang Finishes Filming Don't Breathe 2

If Sacha Baron Cohen can film an entire Borat sequel in the middle of a pandemic without anyone finding out about it, why can’t Sam Raimi and company secretly knock out a horror sequel under the same conditions? Actor Stephen Lang revealed on Twitter that he had officially wrapped filming for Don’t Breathe 2, which was an absolute surprise to just about everyone.

With its interesting premise, intense suspense and unpredictable narrative, Don’t Breathewent on to be a major hit with $157 million at the box office on a reported budget of just $9.9 million. The film was also a breakthrough for director Alvarez, who went on to do the Evil Dead remake as well as the big-budget studio reboot The Girl in the Spider’s Web. With Alvarez off doing other projects, the inevitable sequel to Don’t Breathe fell into the directorial hands of the original’s co-writer Rodo Sayagues, with Lang returning to reprise the role of the Blind Man.

Lang of course was one of the major reasons the originalDon’t Breathesucceeded as well as it did, with his chilling and brutal portrayal of Norman Nordstrom aka the Blind Man. Details about what happens to Lang’s character inDon’t Breathe 2are being kept under wraps, but it’s been indicated that he is back living alone after surviving the first film, and will have some atoning to do after the horrific things he did in that movie. The first movie’s other surviving main character Rocky (Jane Levy) isn’t set to appear in the sequel as far as anyone knows, so it seems she won’t be the one coming after the Blind Man in the follow-up (and indeed after everything that happened in the original, it’s probably better for Rocky to take her money and run, and not attempt to get revenge).

Given the largely self-contained nature of the original film, it’s fair to ask if there’s even a natural sequel idea that presents itself afterDon’t Breathe, notwithstanding the movie’s somewhat open ending.Don’t Breathe 2could in fact be little more than an attempt to cash in on the success of the first movie, while bringing back a compelling character in the Blind Man perhaps in hopes that he might become an iconic horror villain who could return for multiple films. It remains to be seen if the sequel succeeds in establishing the Blind Man as a new Freddy or Jigsaw, but Lang is certainly capable of bringing a major scare factor to the screen, so perhaps Don’t Breathe 2 will in fact launch a Blind Man-centered franchise.

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