Arrow In The Head Reports that the Saw Franchise Spiral: FROM THE BOOK OF SAW was suppose to be released in theaters on May 15th, but unfortunately Lionsgate had to pull release schedule back in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Based on the report Lionsgate has announced the film’s new release date, and I’m sure SAW fans myself included are going to be disappointed to hear that we’re going to have to wait an entire year to see it.

I remember when the saw movies use to be released in October, but with the marketing line being If it’s Halloween it must be SAW, they’re determined to make this one a May release. SPIRAL: FROM THE BOOK OF SAW is now set to reach theatres on May 21, 2021.

Spiral The Book of: Saw will star Chris Rock, who crafted the story idea and pitched it to Lionsgate. Chris’s idea was famed into a screenplay by writers Pete Goldfinger (JIGSAW) and Josh Stolberg (SAW II, III) and IV Director Darren Lynn Bousman returned to direct the film.)

The plot for the movie reads like this A sadistic mastermind unleashes a twisted form of justice in SPIRAL, the terrifying new chapter from the book of SAW. Working in the shadow of an esteemed police veteran (Samuel L. Jackson), brash Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks (Chris Rock) and his rookie partner William Schenk (Max Minghella) take charge of a grisly investigation into murders that are eerily reminiscent of the city’s gruesome past. Unwittingly entrapped in a deepening mystery, Zeke finds himself at the center of the killer’s morbid game.

Chris, Minghella, and Jackson are joined in the cast by Nazneen Contractor as a coroner who works closely with Zeke, and Marisol Nichols as his boss, Captain Angie Garza.

Mark Burg and Oren Koules produced SPIRAL, with Rock earning an executive producer credit alongside Leigh Whannell, James Wan, and Daniel Heffner. Whannell has said that he had no involvement with the film at all; he and Wan are given executive producer credits because they created the franchise.

SPIRAL: FROM THE BOOK OF SAW was rated R for “sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture, pervasive language, some sexual references, and brief drug use.”

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