Smokinnnnn! Jim Carrey Says he’s up for returning as The Mask

Get your maracas and go chic-chic-ky-boom, chic-chic-ky-boom, Arrow in the Head reported today thar Jim Carrey himself is up for reprising his role as Stanley Ipkiss.

Carrey told Arrow In The Head: “I don’t think in terms of sequels and stuff like that, I mean, this one [Sonic The Hedgehog] is kind of right for it because we have not evolved the character [Dr. Eggman] fully yet. The Mask I think, myself, you know, it would depend on a filmmaker. It depends on a filmmaker really. I don’t want to do it just to do it. But I would only do it if it was some crazy visionary filmmaker. Sure.”

As for me I love The Mask and I would like Jim Carrey reprise his role. But if I have to be honest he should’ve done that while the iron was hot, because his career was non stop and you could always bank on Carrey pulling out some good comedic timing with his movies. The first mask movie came out 26 years ago and I feel like if they do decide to do it now it would be as successful, because they waited so long to make a sequel to Jim Carrey’s character.

We also got a very bad sequel after the first one which starred Jamie Kennedy in Son of the Mask. I don’t mind the idea of the mask finding its way to other people and then that person becomes The Mask, but that sequel was awful and for Jim wanting to make a 3rd movie I’m all for it.

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