Nolan Explains Why He Made A Big Boom Boom When He Crashed a Real 747 for Tenet

If you haven’t seen the upcoming trailer to Christopher Nolan’s Tenant stop what your doing and watch it. One of the best moments in the trailer for me was the scene with the 747 jet airplane crashing/ exploding into a bunker and even though it was a brief scene in the trailer it really stands out on its own. I was also wondering if that plane was real or if it was CGI. Naturally, that plane was indeed real and really crashing into a bunker, because, well, Christopher Nolan can do whatever he wants. However, the director insists there is a calculated reason for going with a real 747 and not models or CGI.

In an interview with Total Film Nolan told the outlet “I planned to do it using miniatures and set-piece builds and a combination of visual effects and all the rest,” “We started to run the numbers… It became apparent that it would actually be more efficient to buy a real plane of the real size, and perform this sequence for real in camera, rather than build miniatures or go the CG route.”

Nolan continued

“It’s a strange thing to talk about – a kind of impulse buying, I suppose,” Nolan said with a laugh. “But we kind of did, and it worked very well, with Scott Fisher, our special-effects supervisor, and Nathan Crowley, the production designer, figuring out how to pull off this big sequence in camera. It was a very exciting thing to be a part of.”

Tenet will be an international espionage thriller filmed across seven countries. John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman) stars, with a supporting cast that includes Robert Pattinson (Good Time), Elizabeth Debicki (Widows), Dimple Kapadia (Fugly), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Michael Caine (The Dark Knight Rises) and Kenneth Branagh (Dunkirk).

The film is written by Nolan and will utilize a mixture of IMAX and 70mm film, which is something he’s become famous for.

The director first made an impact in 2001 with his indie film Memento. His next film, Insomnia, was also a modest hit. but it wasn’t until Batman Begins hit theaters in 2005 that Nolan became a box office force in his own right. The Prestige was Nolan’s last movie to gross under $200 million worldwide. His other films include The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Interstellar, and Dunkirk.

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