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Mulan comes to Disney Plus at a cost to you !

As more movie releases have been affected by the pandemic and theaters impacted, streaming services are winning in 2020 as anticipated movie releases are heading to streaming platforms. And the movie Mulan is no exception as Disney Plus has announced on September 4th the film would be on their platform but at a cost higher than expected.

According to Variety.com, Disney Plus now has over 60.5 million subscribers and counting! After numerous delays of the anticipated Mulan film, Disney CEO Bob Chapek states that “Mulan” will premiere on the streaming platform on a premiere access basis on September 4th for 29.99.” Also, the film will be released in theatrical markets in which access to Disney plus is not available.

Chapek warns consumers that Mulan is a one time release on Disney Plus. He and the other executives are using this campaign as a study to see how much money can be generated by releasing this film on a streaming service. It is something neither he nor others have done before at Disney. But are people willing to pay 29.99 for a movie with a limited release date?

This one-time release date is primarily to entice new customers for the streaming platform and generate even more numbers. Subscribers to the Disney bundle of Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus already surpasses 100 million. From this transaction, the company feels confident about its future in dominating the streaming platform landscape or even exceeding the Almighty Netflix someday. Disney already has earned 15 Emmy nominations from its programming, such as “Star Wars Mandalorian.”

At the start of 2021, Disney plans to launch an international direct to consumer global entertainment brand called Star Brand, which would draw content from Disney owned ABC, FX, and 20th Century Fox Studios. With the prolonged pandemic looming, the streaming service has been one of the company’s significant assets rising 2% to 4 billion as theme parks hit a low of 85% to 1 billion and studio entertainment 55% to 1.7 billion. According to Chapek, the streaming service is the top priority now during this pandemic and the key to the company’s future.

I guess my question would be, why do I have to pay to rent a movie within a streaming service I already pay monthly for? Is this Apple TV or Disney Plus? Is this a new trend, and will it alienate loyal customers? I want to see Mulan as much as the next person, but will I pay 29.99 for a one time release or 48 hours of viewing? I understand from a business standpoint, Disney has to make its money back from filming and production but 29.99? This is where I am stuck in my thinking?

But what are your thoughts on the matter? And look for Mulan on Disney Plus September 4th with a 29.99 Premiere Access Pass and more updates from Movie Lovers/ TV Lovers Unite as we follow this story.

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