MCU’s Josh Brolin wants to Play Cable Again brings word that Josh Brolin has expressed interest in playing Cable again, despite his villainous Thanos and the Deadpool character now both existing in the MCU thanks to Disney and Marvel owning the rights to the X-Men characters.

Comic creator Rob Liefeld revealed the news, telling the outlet: “Josh wants to be Cable again sooner than later. He is itching to be Cable again. He loved being Cable. He told me he understands how beloved his role as Thanos is, but he doesn’t look completely like Josh Brolin.”

“These are Josh Brolin’s own words telling me, Rob Liefeld. He told me, ‘Rob when I appeared as Cable in Deadpool 2, my phone rang off the hook.’ It changed everything for him and obviously Josh is gonna get some career lifetime achievement award at some point. The guy is just one of our greatest actors,” added Liefeld.

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