Matt Reeves’ The Batman will film in Glasgow, Scotland for Gotham City

Collider/, Matt Reeves’ The Batman is heading to Glasgow, Scotland, which will serve as the new Gotham City for the upcoming movie starring Robert Pattinson.

According to the article Glasgow’s history and architecture will allow Reeves to play around with the look of Gotham for his take on the story. Glasgow was previously used in movies like World War Z and Hobbs & Shaw. Parts of the film will be shot in the city beginning next month, Daily Recoed reports, where the streets of Glasgow will be transformed into Gotham. Filming began this month in London.

Reeves’ story has been described as a character-driven project focusing on Batman’s experiences as the world’s greatest detective. The filmmaker has also said to expect a “Rogue’s Gallery” of villains in the movie.

Reeves will direct the Warner Bros. Pictures film, and also co-wrote the screenplay alongside writer Mattson Tomlin. Reeves is producing alongside Dylan Clark. Michael E. Uslan will serve as executive producer.

The Batman is scheduled to release on June 25, 2021. Filming in Scotland will definitely give Gotham a more authentic look than what we had in the past. I like how Matt is thinking outside of the box with the actors and actresses that he chose for the upcoming Batman movie, and even with him filming in Scotland which is a change of pace since we are use to them filming Batman movies in the states.

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