When you look at Martin Scorsese’s filmography you can’t deny that the 77 year old director has made some great movies when you look at movies like Goodfellas, Casino, The Irishman, and The Wolf of Wall Street. Martin Scorsese is one of the most respected directors working in Hollywood today, and is also one of the hardest working directors.

But he also opened a can of worms last year when he opened up about his distaste for comic book based movies. He called the comic book films amusement park rides. But despite his opinion regarding Marvel movies and the like, Scorsese almost produced one of the best iconic villains out of DC comics and that was Joker. As to why he didn’t produce the film it was, because he had to leave the project and left the producing duties to director Todd Phillips, Bradley Cooper, and Emma Tillinger Koskoff. JOKER did just fine without Scorsese’s involvement, earning over a $1 billion at the box office and garnering a ton of critical acclaim including the Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion award.

You can’t deny how great Scorsese’s works heavily influenced JOKER. Both TAXI DRIVER and THE KING OF COMEDY cast long shadows in Todd Phillips‘ JOKER.

I’ll admit while watching The Joker it definitely has that Scorsese flavor that we all know and love from other movies that he directed. In the New York Times Martin Scorsese once again recently talked to the paper about everything from mortality to women in film. When asked if he’d seen JOKER, Scorsese’s response was certainly candid. “I saw clips of it. I know it. So it’s like, why do I need to? I get it. It’s fine.”

I respect Martin Scorsese. You can’t deny the work that he has done in the past and the classic way he tells his stories with the way he directs them and he’s a legend when it comes to movies. I’ll always say this that he’s an old school director and that certain movies like comic book based films aren’t for him and that he has a right to his opinion. There are many things that feels like a Scorsese movie when you look at Joker, but Joker it’s own thing. But to say that you know something from a few clips comes off extremely arrogant.

But what I find ironic is the fact that Phillips and Scorsese

may be going head to head come Oscar night. Both films are poised for numerous Oscar nominations. Could both Phillips and Scorsese be nominated for director? Are Scorsese’s comments the opening salvo to a shade war? Guess we will see.

JOKER is currently available for digital download and hits DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K January 7.

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