Jesse Eisenberg Explains Why He Hasn’t Supported the Snyder Cut

When it comes to the Justice League Snyder Cut it’s one of those myths that refuses to die. Most everyone involved has thrown their support to the alternate version, including Ben Affleck, Jason Mamoa and Gal Gadot, but one person who hasn’t been as vocal is Lex Luthor himself, Jesse Eisenberg. In a recent interview with Toronto Sun, the Zombieland: Double Tap star finally discussed his feelings on the matter.

Eisenberg: “I’m not sure because I don’t watch anything I’ve been in, and I haven’t seen either ‘Batman v Superman’ or ‘Justice League,’” Eisenberg explained. “I know that I had a smaller part in one of them but I get pretty uncomfortable watching myself. So I’m not aware of a Snyder Cut.”

Jesse added: “I’m not part of — I don’t even know what to call it — the movement,” he continued. “I like Zack Snyder and I worked with him for a while just by virtue of these movies taking so long to film. I love his style and aesthetic and if there’s a movie he wanted to see released, I’m sure it would be great.”

Justice League was released in November 2017, the film earned mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, praising the action and performances from Gadot and Miller while criticizing every other aspect of the film, namely the inconsistent tone that many fault Joss Whedon (The Avengers) for after taking over directorial duties from Zack Snyder. With a large budget of $300 million and a break-even point of $750 million, the film is considered a box office bomb having grossed only $658 million.

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