Arrow In The Head brings word that James Wan’s (Insidious) collaborators Blumhouse and Leigh Whannell have successfully rebooted THE INVISIBLE MAN for Universal Pictures, and now Wan is getting in on the Universal monster action himself. It has been revealed that Wan is working with Universal to develop a monster movie that he will be producing under his Atomic Monster banner. Wan will not be directing the film.

As of right now this monster movie doesn’t have a title yet, but the screenplay is being written by Robbie Thompson, who worked on the show Supernatural for several years and wrote eighteen episodes. Described as being along the lines of DISTURBIA, the movie synonyms reads like this

A group of teens who discover that a neighbor is building a monster in his basement. No surprise here, the monster gets loose.

You can’t help but reference the movie Fright Night when dealing with teenagers suspecting that their neighbor os a vampire, but they decided to go with DISTURBIA for this one. The fact that the neighbor is said to be “building a monster” has stirred up speculation that this could be a take on FRANKENSTEIN, which might bum out Jason Blum because he wants to make a Blumhouse FRANKENSTEIN.

Other Universal monster movies in development include Elizabeth Banks’ THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, Dexter Fletcher’s RENFIELD, Paul Feig’s DARK ARMY, Matt Stawski’s musical MONSTER MASH, and a new version of THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN that producer Amy Pascal is trying to get off the ground.

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