Jackpot: Marc Guggenheim to Write Spider-Man Universe Heroine Movie for Sony

Deadline reports that Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) is writing the script for Sony Pictures’ Jackpot, expanding the Spider-Man universe in a new heroine movie based on the crime-fighting mom from the Marvel comics that were created by Dan Slott and Phil Jimenez.

Jackpot is a superheroine with exceptional strength, and her history in the comics is a complicated one. The first incarnation was Sara Ehret, a scientist, who, while pregnant, is doing gene therapy research and is exposed to “Lot 777,” a virus that rewrote the DNA in her cells. Her baby is born healthy but she realizes in addition to being a new mom she has superhuman strength after she is forced to save her family.

Eventually, she tired of the crime-fighting burden and hands the suit to Alana Jobson, an ambitious pal who takes over the character but must ingest a Mutant Growth Hormone to live up to Jackpot’s superhuman abilities. Long story short, she is killed when teaming with Spider-Man to track down the villain Menace and is killed in action. A guilt-ridden Ehret returns to the job, keeping her identity secret as she raises a family while fighting crime.

Besides writing for television, Guggenheim also has a few comic book credits under his belt including some installments of Jackpot (along with Brian Reed), Aquaman, Amazing Spider-Man, and Superman/Batman. He was recently set by Jeff Robinov’s Studio 8 to adapt Prophet, the Image Comics character created by Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld.

One thing that excites me about this is the fact that Sony is building their villains universe to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised that they announce a Sinister 6 movie again in the future. I think that they are doing the right thing by building their villain universe to the point where they can put other heroes aside from Spider-Man in this universe like Jackpot to expand the Spider-Man Universe. But I also think that they are going to put in Spider-Man in this universe sometime soon, because of all these villains on the rise it would make sense to put the web slinging hero in a stand alone movie taking down other villains.

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