ESPN’s 30 for 30 docuseries will feature new insight into the life of Bruce Lee.

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ESPN’s 30 for 30 docuseries highlights crucial moments in sports history. But this is not just any old sports history docuseries. It features groundbreaking and in-depth interviews from sports and entertainment heavyweights on the figure that is featured. Last week I saw the Micheal Jordan one, and it was pretty damn good. Some people may think, why is ESPN featuring Bruce Lee? Wasn’t he an entertainer or film icon?

First and foremost, he was a Martial Arts instructor who believed anyone could learn martial arts regardless of race or ethnicity. One could say he brought this traditional fighting style into the American counter-culture. Before I get too deep, let’s focus on the article at hand.

According to, the series will air June 7th and provide an in-depth look into Bruce Lee’s life and career as it pertains to him becoming one of the first Asian movie stars in Hollywood, as well as battling racism in America and bringing martial arts into the forefront. Aside from this, he dealt with criticism from abroad and understanding the way of life through his personal philosophies.

This series also includes the controversial 1972 Kung Fu series, in which Lee was passed over for David Carradine because producers feared American’s would not be ready for a lead Asian actor. Also, there will be archival footage and new interviews from those who knew Lee personally like his widow Linda Lee Cardwell and his daughter Shannon Lee, who oversees the Bruce Lee Estate and Foundation. Be sure to check out the trailer below and series on ESPN June 7th at 9pm ET.

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