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“Don’t Throw Away Your Shot” to see Hamilton on Disney+

When I first heard of the musical Hamilton, I was not sure about it? But as I found out more, I became more intrigued and put it on my Broadway bucket list. I checked for the prices to go down every time the play came to Atlanta. Still, no luck until I found out Hamilton was coming to Disney + on July 3rd, I became overjoyed! I can pay 4.99 instead of 100 or so dollars to have a front-row seat.

On July 4th, I found a comfortable seat. I began watching the play in anticipation of all the hype I heard over the years. As the play started, I noticed I had goosebumps? How is that possible? And it continued? These goosebumps came from the editing and camera angles of Director Thomas Kali, the producer of the play.

Odie Henderson from Rodger Elbert.com describes Kali’s use of intimate close up camera angles are engaging, as they are used at the precise moments to convey the emotional and powerful moments of the play. These close-ups are not overwhelming to the point that it can become distracting to the viewers.

Hamilton on Disney + was initially filmed in 2016 during its two-night live-stage production at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City, which is now temporarily closed due to Covid-19. The 2004 biography of Alexander Hamilton by author Ron Chernow inspired this play production.

The focus of the play is on the life, achievements, and death of Alexander Hamilton. He was one of the founding fathers of America. I know what you may be thinking? A boring history lesson about Alexander Hamilton? No thanks! Well, creator Lin – Manuel Miranda must have predicted the groans and moans of presenting this play to a mainstream audience because he added a hip hop twist to the story. A hip hop twist to the story of Alexander Hamilton? Yes, I just said that!

This play has rap battles and references of old hip hop quotes, along with blues and gospel scores, ballots, drama, action, suspense, comedy, romance, elaborate costumes, and a PG -13 language disclaimer. It stars Lin-Manuel Miranda as the emotional, cocky, and quirky battle MC version of Alexander Hamilton, along with Daveed Diggs ( Blackish), playing duo roles of Thomas Jefferson and Marquis De Lafayette (French / American General), Leslie Odom Jr. (Harriet), as Aaron Burr (Vice President to Jefferson), Renee Elise Goldberry (Altered Carbon), as Angelica Schulyer, Phillipa Soo as Elizabeth Schulyer , Hamilton’s wife, Jonathan Goff ( Mindhunter ), as King George of England, Christopher Jackson ( CBS Bull), as George Washington, and John Lauren ( A Star is Born), as Alexander Hamilton’s son.

Some of my favorite scenes of the play include; the rap battle between Jefferson and Hamilton, as they argue over assisting France in the battle of Great Britain, King George’s smug ballot after discovering the formation of the United States, as he claims “You’ll be back !”, and Hamilton writing about his affair in the Reynolds Pamphlet, which his wife read and became heartbroken as well everyone in the political sphere. The soundtrack to Hamilton is on Apple Music, iTunes, and other music services. I recommend not only seeing this fresh take on history but also getting the soundtrack. Hamilton is now streaming on Disney+.

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