Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, You Forget about Tenet : Tenet’s New Trailer Reveals Time Travel Plot but Not J

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Christopher’s Nolan’s new film Tenet released its latest trailer online yesterday, including more details about the time travel plot. Still, one thing that was missing is the July release date. According to Screen Rant’s Chris Agar, Warner Bros. released the new trailer to restart their marketing campaign for the movie, and to keep audiences captivated by the new project.

Nolan’s latest film has been a welcome deviation from the coronavirus pandemic we are facing. It is always refreshing to hear about movie releases, especially one as odd and exciting as this one. WB has been sticking to the original July release date even when all other films have pushed back their dates or gone to streaming platforms. The hope is that a July release date will be a safer option for movie theaters to prepare for massive crowds. Tenet could be the first summer blockbuster of the year! Welcoming moviegoers back to the theaters. Still, there is the matter of if the Tenet release date will be pushed back due to the uncertainty of the virus and the new standards for public gatherings. For tenet to continue on schedule, one thing needs to happen. 80% of the world’s theaters would need to be fully functional, like big movie chains in Los Angeles and New York. But it is uncertain, which is why the studio is nervous about claiming a release date in the film trailer. As they figure out a definite game plan for the July release date, the studios are making sure the public doesn’t forget about the film and keeping marketing at the forefront.

Here is the weird thing about the new trailer? It does not mention the July release date, but ends with the closing title “Coming to Theaters.” Warner Bros. has already confirmed that they will not go the streaming route with this film and assures the audience and everyone it will come to the big screen. By not disclosing a release date in the newest trailer, WB gives the impression that things are still uncertain or a Plan b is being worked out in case they can’t make the July date. But if the studio can go forward with the release date, it will provide the generated hype that they are looking for. Not to mention, we need a fantasy sci-fi type movie to take our minds off of everything.

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So what is new about the trailer? It finally reveals more plot details on Kenneth Branagh’s character as the Tenet villain looking to bring a fate worse than armageddon to the world. Some people want to see the world burn, I guess? There is hope as John D. Washington (Denzel Washington’s son) and Robert Patterson ( the new Batman???/ sparkly vampire in Twilight/ Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter Goblet of Fire), teams up to stop Branagh by using a concept called time inversion ( think Inception or Memento or Back to the Future or Endgame backward and forwards ).

In the trailer, viewers will see Washington catch a bullet with his gun! ( insert Keanu Reeves voice: WHOA!) and that barely scratches the surface of the trailer. Tenet looks like an exciting mind trip combined with Christopher Nolan’s obsession with time travel and heady themes. If it comes to the big screen on its release date, audiences are sure to be in for a treat! A mind-bending, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious , and gnarly experience we will not be worthy of?


Tenet is “set” to be released in theaters on July 17, 2020.

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