David Ayer Adds Insight into tonal differences in his Suicide Squad cut

It seems like ever since the announcement of Zack Snyder getting to finish his cut of Justice League, David Ayer has seen an increase in questions on social media from fans regarding his cut of Suicide Squad and his latest comments have touched on how tonally different the theatrical release was in comparison to his version.

In response to a fan’s statement on Twitter regarding the Comic-Con trailer of the film, which teased a much more serious-natured film than the comedic one shown in later trailers and in theaters, the 52-year-old writer/director opened on how it showed his intention for the film, as well as commenting on how Deadpool changed the comic book movie world at the time, though not necessarily for the better.

The ball is firmly in Warner Bros. court on this one. It certainly bodes well that Ayer doesn’t seem to harbor any ill will toward the studio, nor with Gunn and vice versa. Ayer has also said that there’s a lot more footage of Jared Leto’s Joker nestled somewhere in the WB archives. Regardless, there’s the matter of what kind of resources the studio is willing to give Ayer to realize his true vision of the film. Warner Bros. is reportedly giving Snyder an estimated $20-30 million to properly finish his Justice League cut, but with Ayer recently confirming he wouldn’t need anywhere close to that to finish his version, many are questioning why not just allow him to go for it.

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