CATS Catches Fleas as Universal Loses $100 Million At The Box Office

I think it’s time to step away from the Meow Mix and come to the realization that the movie Cats is about to lose 100 million dollars at the box office at Universal. Musicals can be successful if they are done here are some examples 2002’s CHICAGO made over six times its $45 million budget and won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Baz Luhrmann‘s 2001 film MOULIN ROUGE starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor was also a huge hit with audiences. When director Tom Hooper began developing a film adaptation of the smash Broadway musical Cats there was no reason to suspect that it couldn’t also be successful. After all the man was an Oscar winning director and his 2012 musical LES MISERABLES made almost $450 million worldwide.

Let’s be honest the marketing for CATS hasn’t been the greatest some people were taken back by the CGI and the way the actors and actresses looked as CATS. Just recently they took the movie out of theaters to add more effects to the cats paws, because you could tell that it was a humans hand and not a cats paw. CATS. The star studded film debuted with a miserable $6.5 million opening weekend and has garnered a paltry $38 million globally in its first two weeks of release. You can site numerous reasons for CATS’ failure to scratch up cash at the box office. The film released the same weekend as THE RISE OF SKYWALKER (not a good plan) and the effects shots weren’t even finished when the movie premiered, prompting new prints to be released on Hooper’s orders. Brutal critical reviews also probably pushed audiences away and let’s be honest, human-cat hybrids just look terrifying. No amount of dynamic Jennifer Hudson vocals can make up for that.

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