Blumhouse Wants To Reboot Friday The 13th

Just when you thought that the campgrounds for Camp Crystal Lake were going to be closed forever after the last Friday The 13th reboot. Blumhouse productions seem to be very interested in bringing Jason back again. If you know Blumhouse they seem to be the go-to place for rebooting certain franchises such as: The Town That Dreaded Sundown, Black Christmas, Halloween, The Invisible Man, and now The Craft, almost nothing seems off limits for them and they remain on the hunt for more properties to bring to the big screen.

While speaking in an interview with Cine Pop Blumhouse head Jason Blum was asked what property he'd next like to reboot and he had a quick answer, saying: "I'd love to do Friday the 13th. I'd do it as a movie."

Blum was previously asked about making a new movie by a fan via Fandom to which he replied, "I have the same question! I don’t have an answer to that. But like I’ve said before, I would love to do it and it’s very complicated, but I hope someday. How about that? It’s not the answer I want to hear because I wish it was right away, but it isn’t.”

Unlike the other properties that have been rebooted by Blumhouse, things are complicated for the Friday the 13th series.

An ongoing legal battle surrounding the franchise continues, making its future on the big screen an uncertainty.

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