Deadline reported today that Warner Bros.’ Birds of Prey starring Margot Robbie is averaging a $52 million early box office opening weekend projection. According to the outlet they noted that the film will be that weekend’s only wide release and is currently popular with the under 25 demo.

The top five opening February movies include Black Panther, holding the month’s record of $202 million, followed by Deadpool at $132.4 million, Fifty Shades of Grey with $85.1 million, The Passion of the Christ with $83.8 million, and The Lego Movie at $69 million.

In the DC Comics, the Birds of Prey are a mostly female superhero team has included Oracle/Batgirl, Black Canary, Huntress, Catwoman, Hawkgirl, Power Girl, Poison Ivy, Vixen, and Katana, who was played by Karen Fukuhara in Suicide Squad. A short-lived live-action TV series titled Birds of Prey aired on The WB from 2002-to-2003 for 13 episodes, starring Ashley Scott as Huntress, Dina Meyer as Barbara Gordon/Oracle, Ian Abercrombie as Alfred Pennyworth and Mia Sara as Harley Quinn.

With Birds of Preys budget of 97.1M that’s not a bad junk of change if you look at it, because it’s close to breaking even. But it needs to make more than that to meet its budget and for it to be successful. I’m hoping that this movie is another home run for DC after the success that they had recently with Joker, as well as Aquaman, Shazam!, and Wonder Woman.

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