If you listened to my review for Bad Boys For Life on the podcast you’ll know that I was hesitant going into the movie, because I wasn’t sure if the movie was just going to be nostalgia without any chemistry between Marin Lawrence and Will Smith. But directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah did a really good setting the movie up and even though the last time we saw Martin Lawrence and Will Smith’s characters was seventeen years ago and they didn’t miss a beat.

But it looks like the two director wants to take on the helm to direct Eddie’s Murphy’s long awaited sequel Beverly Hills Cop 4. I know that everyone myself included has been waiting for another Beverly Hills Cop movie with Axel Foley. The project for the sequel landed on Netflix’s door step and it looks like it’s finally moving forward. Based on the report at when Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah were asked by Collider they wouldn’t confirm that they were stretched, they only said that it would “be an honor” and that they “really want to do that!”

They also told collider

Fallah: I think Jerry [Bruckheimer] asked us to be available.

El Arbi: Jerry said it in a press conference in Germany, like, ‘Yeah, sure.’ So I’m like, ‘Okay!’”

Fallah: We ready, we ready.

El Arbi: Because it is our first Hollywood movie, we gotta wait until it comes out to know what the reaction is. And I think that Jerry’s waiting just for that, God willing, it becomes a success, and then he has momentum, and then it’s jump right at it. And we met Eddie Murphy twice and he seems to like us.

Fallah: We were doing the reshoots at Tyler Perry’s studio, and we were shooting Bad Boys, and Eddie was there shooting Coming 2 America.

El Arbi: So we said, ‘We gotta make this happen, we gotta make this moment happen.’ Will, Martin, Wesley Snipes was there too, and Eddie Murphy.

I think that Fallah and Arbi are a great match when it comes to directing movies that hasn’t been done in a long time when you look at the chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. You also can’t deny that with the success of Bad Boys For Life that their directing style would be great for Beverly Hills Cop 4.

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