B.J. Novak Developing Multi-Cam Comedy for HBO Max

Variety is reporting that Emmy nominee B.J. Novak (The Office) will write and executive produce a multi-camera comedy series titled Young People for HBO Max.

In the half-hour show, six twenty-somethings from very different backgrounds and perspectives find themselves sharing an apartment in Brooklyn. The show is described as tackling friendship in the age of argument, connection in the age of disconnection, and the joys and anxieties of building a life in a gig-to-gig, date-to-date, month-to-month world where living like “young people” might be a transitional phase of life — or might be permanent.

A writers’ room for Young People has been opened for the five as well as five additional scripts. Warner Bros. Television will produce the project.

The news follows the more recent announcement that Novak is also developing an untitled anthology drama series at FX. The untitled anthology series will be using the boldest issues of our time as a jumping-off point to tell singular, character-driven stories about the world we live in today. Each episode will feature a different cast with a drastically different tone. The anthology series is executive produced by Novak, who wrote and directed the first two episodes.

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