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Are you really ready to go back to the movies?

As movie theaters start to open again, many moviegoers are gearing up to catch up on the latest flicks. But in this COVID-19 world, what will being back at the theaters look and feel like? Will the experience be better? Or worse? How will concessions go? Or seating? Hopefully, this article can give you some insight on how to prepare to go back to the movies.

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I searched through AMC, Regal, and a local theater chain called Studio Movie Grill to see how they are preparing to reopen theaters safely. First, let’s start with AMC theaters. On their website under the safety & cleaning tab, AMC states that their theaters will open on July 30th with reduced seating by 30% in their auditoriums. This reduced seating compromises of every other row blocked off. Including those comfy recliners, we all love. So be prepared to skip a row for your fellow man!

As for cleaning, AMC will be following proper CDC cleaning regulations using electrostatic disinfectant sprays and changeable air filters for air purification. So expect to wait a little bit longer while your designated auditorium is being cleaned. As for concessions, the menu will be condensed to a few simpler items, but don’t worry; popcorn will still be there just not so much of the specialty items? And large refills on popcorn and drinks will be out of the question. So will a mask be required? I am not sure, but check with your AMC location for more information on that aspect.

So what about the other theaters I mentioned? Regal or Studio Movie Grill? Regal Cinemas will open July 31st and are along with the same guidelines as AMC, except they will require masks in the lobbies and restroom. Still, you can choose to remove it in the auditorium. Concessions are along the same lines, limited menu selection, and contactless payment options. As well as every other register being opened, it would be the equivalent of being at Walmart, so arrive early or eat before you get to the theater FYI. Studio Movie Grill, an independent movie theater chain in limited states has similar guidelines as the two movie theater chains mentioned, but more of a focus on using their online apps for tickets and food orders since they have a dine-in experience. Also, their showtimes will be limited as

well as seating options.

I included the safety guidelines to provoke the question mention in the title of this article. Are you really ready to go back to the movies? Will you be prepared? Of course, this is a stressful time in our country, and ultimately the choice is up to you. In my opinion, going to the movies will not be the same as it once was. Still, I believe we are adaptable creatures and will endure a few rules as long as we get out of the house and back to some sense of normalcy. Am I ready to go to the movies? Maybe? I use to go to the movies a lot pre-COVID-19 to the point I had to buy the A-List AMC membership card! Going to the movies was therapeutic for me! In a sense, I didn’t mind going early, so I wouldn’t be sitting so close to people, to be honest. So every other row is fine with me! Although I do have to ask myself, how will I adjust to the different rules set in place? Will going to the movies be a fun and therapeutic experience as before? Or will I rather stay at home where I won’t have to worry about putting on a mask and watch hours of mind-numbing movies and tv on streaming service channels? Only I can ask myself that question just like you have to for yourself.

But not all theaters will be opened in July as theaters in California continue to be closed with no end in sight. According to a Variety .com article, Gov. Gavin Newson revealed that “hospitalizations have spiked to 28% and ICU has risen over the past 14 days in California. This virus is not going away anytime soon until there is a vaccine or an effective way of creating treatments”. The governor’s comments beg the question are theaters opening too soon or are states like California being presumptuous in their continued shutdowns. Each state has to do what they deem is right for its citizens based on the number of cases and safety preparations in hand.

As John mentioned in the podcast episode “Are People Ready to go back to the Movies on July 15th?” on our Movie Lovers Unite site, “This virus is real despite what people think otherwise. I am not ready to go back to the movies yet, not with the rise of numbers in cases that occur every day. The curve has not been flattened as predicted before when we were indoors. Regardless of the theater’s stipulations with their cleaning policies, I do not think it will be enough to go back to the theaters, nor a good idea to open theaters.”  I agree with John somewhat, but theaters can’t remain closed for long. I want to believe if the cleaning regulations stay intact, then maybe people will feel safer and do their part. I guess we will never know until theaters open their doors this summer. I do feel all preparation will be trail and error.

A couple of movies set for release waiting to greet filmgoers back are Unhinged with Russel Crowe, which was initially set for September 4th. In this upcoming thriller, Crowe plays an “unhinged” stranger who gets in a traffic accident with a woman named Rachel. Rachel then becomes the target of Crowe’s anger and rage. Another movie that everyone has been anticipating is Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, which was initially scheduled for July 17th, but since the pandemic, it has been pushed back to a July 31st release date and yet another delay date of August 12th to flatten the curve. Also, Wonder Woman “84” was initially set to be released in June! But has been delayed to an August date. So hopefully, we will see Tenet and Wonder Woman this year! If not in theaters, perhaps on some streaming services. Tell us what you think? Are you ready to go back to the movies? Do you feel you can adhere to the guidelines set in place? Reach out to us through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media pages and leave comments on our Wix site: https://movieloversunite.wixsite.com/movieloversunite or our word press site.

We would love to hear your opinion on the matter.

Here are AMC , Regal and Studio Movie Grills cleaning policies :




Hang in there beautiful people ! (Librarian Ninja Girl).

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